Last year, I built two units of the ESP8266 WiFi LED Dimmer Hackaday project by Tom Clement.

Ordered the PCB’s for the project from ALLPCB and unexpectedly¬†received 22 boards. Thats why I started to sell some of them on Tindie!

The original project was very minimalistic when it comes to both hard- and software design. The hardware was working perfectly fine – but on the software side it wasn’t even possible to change the WiFi AP without reflashing the device via serial connection.

There is some “updateServer” listening on port 23 to upload new Lua-Scripts, but unfortunately my ESP8266 always resets when trying to do it that way.

Thats why I started improving the firmware step-by-step. In the first, run, I’ve added a web-page for easy WiFi setup:

Now you can instantly start using the device after first power-up!

Next improvement will be an option to configure the PWM specific parameters, such as frequency and ranges.

Check out my GitHub fork:

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