ESP8266 + nRF24L01 MiLight gateway PCB sandwich

The MiLight gateway is a simple PCB to be used with the open-source milight gateway software by Chris Mullins.

Long time ago I’ve bought some of these MiLight RGB LED bulbs to control them with a raspberry pi and the openmilight project (see link at bottom).
That did not work very well so I was looking for a better solution – and found it right there:

In addition to this software project I created this PCB with minimal components, as I wanted to install it as permanent solution.
This is the very first PCB I created using KiCad after migrating from Cadsoft(now Autodesk) Eagle.

DIY kits to build your own minified standalone MiLight Gateway will be available in my shop soon!

Part list:

  • ESP12E/ESP12S
  • nRF24L01+ module
  • AMS1117-3.3V
  • SMD Mini-USB port or 2x male pin headers
  • 2x 10µF 0805 capacitor
  • 2x4pin female pin header
  • optional: 1x5pin male/female pin header

Assembly Instructions

  1. Solder the ESP12S module
    You can use some double-sided tape to hold it in place while soldering.
  2. Solder SMD components
    These are only an AMS1117 power regulator and two capacitors. The Micro-USB connector can also be added at this step.
  3. Mount pin headers
    The 2×4 female pin headers are used to connect the nRF2401 which controls the MiLight bulbs.
    The 1×5 and 1×2 pin headers are optional and serve for power supply and/or programming the ESP8266.
  4. Attach the nRF2401 and power it up
    Use a 5V voltage source or an USB port.

On first boot it will create an insecure wifi access point called “ESP-xxxxxx”.
Connect and navigate to Now follow the setup wizard.


ESP12F and pin headers for serial / nRF2401 / power supply


voltage regulator & micro usb (power supply only)


Chris Mullins blog post:

OpenMili hackday project:


PCB design files:

Shared project on OSHPark: Order from OSH Park

5 thoughts on “ESP8266 + nRF24L01 MiLight gateway PCB sandwich

  1. Are these available pre built with software already flashed please ? Ship to UK ?

    1. I’m sorry, but this product is not available yet.

      We’re still working on compliance testing and wifi certification. I’ll let you know when its done!

      You’re always free to build your own using the supplied open-source schematics and pcb layout.

  2. Me too waiting for update of this project since I’m very interested in

    1. Hi Elenio,

      The PCB available as an development kit – preflashed with the NodeMCU firmware, but it’not become a finished device, so you still have to program it with Chris’s firmware and add an nRF2401 module to build this project.–nrf2401-wireless-development-kit/

      1. Thank you

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