My blog and business are all about open-source electronics hardware.
Since many years I was having fun with electronics in my free time. At some point I realized I had so many prototypes and components lying around and also a pretty big toolset. Many things cluttered up for some years now. Thats why I came up with the idea to sell some of the circuit boards and components as DIY kits..

Many of the things offered here are open-source projects not developed by myself, just found them on community platforms like Hackaday, Instructables or the Make magazine. Whenever I can and the project may benefit from it, I either contribute by spreading the word to make the ideas available for a wider audience or I contribute directly, whether if its soft- or hardware.

Very soon I‘m also gonna publish some of my own designs, but I first have to redraw all of my schematics and board layouts with KiCad to comply with my own requirements for open-source hardware.

Right now there are only DIY kits available in my shop, as the WEEE registration is still in progress and will hopefully be completed in end of september.