Infinite Noise TRNG


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Infinite Noise TRNG

… is an open hardware hardware number generator based on modular entropy multiplication. Peter Allan invented the hardware architecture initially back in 1999.

Key features

  • no firmware (that could be modified by an attacker)
  • using only stock components (COTS)
  • health monitor built into the driver
  • free software for GNU/Linux, *BSD and Windows
  • open source hardware (OSHWA certified)

Unlike most TRNG‘s, the Infinite Noise does not need a single noise source. Within the signal loop noise from every single component is added during a cycle. The last result is used as a base for the next loop cycle. This way its impossible to inject a signal.

Another great security feature is that whitening is implemented in software using the Keccak/SHA3 hashing algorithm. This makes it easy to change or configure the whitening algorithm and is even more transparent than a hardware implementation.

It shows up as an „Future Technology Devices International, Ltd Bridge(I2C/SPI/UART/FIFO)“ or „FTDI FT240X“ which is the used USB interface chip.
Using the available packages for Linux the driver will automatically start feeding /dev/random after connecting the device.

For Windows its currently only possible to write random output to a file.

Technical Data:

  • USB2.0 Interface
  • 30KByte/s random output
  • Dimensions: 50mm (L) x 19mm (W) x 8mm (H)
  • Weight: 10g
  • Low power consumption of 8mA @ 5V
  • Made in Germany


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